Hello lovelies! How are you?

I’m writing this post to announce that I’m taking a break from blogging. I will spend almost a month traveling across the US, so I won’t have time to check out blogs or write posts… maybe even reading (I’ll try, though!)

I’m taking the following days off to rest, organize everything and mentally prepare myself for the trip. I have scheduled a couple of blog tour posts ahead, just so you know 😊

I hope you have a wonderful Easter… HAPPY READING!

Books I’d Love To Reread

Books I'd Reread.png

Every now and then I find myself thinking I’d love to reread some books (even though I don’t think I’ll ever do it. After all, I have tons of new books to read). What I fins most curious about this is that I’ve read and loved some books during the years that, however, I would never read again. Maybe because they were too sad, or too graphic, or maybe because I’m afraid I won’t love them so much? But there are other books that I’d love to return to…


I read this book when I was about 16 and I absolutely loved it. The format, the story… it was fun and smart, it was cute but not overly sappy and I really liked both characters. Although I saw the movie a few years back, I still think about reading this one again and hopefully it will be the same magical experience.


This is a weird one, I know. I read and loved this a couple of years ago when I was already blogging. But as opposed to other books, the more I think about this one, the more I love it. And I find myself looking at it and thinking: wasn’t this super weird, toxic and yet super addictive? I remember loving the romantic relationship in this one.


While I have the latest in the series and plan to read it soon, I still remember how much I LOVED this book. It has practically everything I love in a story and I remember how atmospheric it was and how amazing the twists were in this one. It’s an amazing southern mystery and probably the first book I’d reread.

VALLEY OF THE MOON by Melanie Gideon

This book was such a surprise. It was unlike anything I had read before and it was also one of the first books I read when I started blogging. This magical story is definitely not for everyone but it made me cry and the story was super unique and emotional, perfect for fans of movies like Brigadoon.


I read this book front to back while spending the day on a Portugal beach while my brother was surfing. I literally forgot where I was and paid no attention to anyone or anything for about two hours. It was my first book by Diane Chamberlain and although it wasn’t perfect, it was a compelling and unforgettable story. I’d love to revisit this one.

5 Books I Liked With “Low” Goodreads Ratings

Most of the time, I tend to read books that have high Goodreads ratings. They’re the ones that people are raving the most about and surely, it’s more likely that I enjoy them if other people have, right? At least, that’s what usually happens.

The other day, I was sorting the books I had read based on their average rating and I was surprised to see some books that I had enjoyed having quite low ratings. Okay, it’s not like they have 1s or 2s, but in the Goodreads world (where everyone is quite benevolent), I consider anything below 3.5 to be low.

Good As Gone by Amy Gentry – Rating: 3.5

Good As Gone was one of the first books I reviewed when I joined WordPress and I still remember it because of its amazing structure. Come on, have you ever read a book that used the point of view technique as uniquely as this one? The mystery was quite intriguing and I still remember practically everything that happened, so I guess it was a winner for me.

The Night She Won Miss America by Michael Callahan – Rating: 3.45

This was a quiet book that was inspired by a true story about a miss America who ran away after the contest. It was not super thrilling but quite enjoyable and I remember feeling sorry for her and her boyfriend. It was quite a tragic story and I have a soft spot for historical fiction.

Home Field by Hannah Gersen – Rating: 3.42

This was another of those quiet books and one of my first reviews here. I remember that it was a beautiful and sad story about a family and I really enjoyed learning about every family member after the mother commits suicide. It had a Friday Night Lights vibe and I don’t get all the low ratings.

Little Deaths by Emma Flint – Rating: 3.36

This was a highly anticipated book and I remember everyone talking about it when it first came out. But soon, the reviews became pretty negative. To be honest, I found this a realistic and poignant novel about how we quickly judge women just because they’re not who we believe they’re “supposed” to be. And the ending was totally unexpected and tragic.

Perennials by Mandy Brennan – Rating: 3.08

I get that this book isn’t for everyone. It’s not a book filled with action where there’s a lot going on. Sometimes, it all depends on the connection. And this book got me. Maybe I read it at the right time, but I remember that it followed many characters during various summers and that it was quite an emotional ride.

What about you? What are some of your favorites with low Goodreads ratings?

My Most Anticipated Books of 2019

My mos (1).png

Hello 💜 This is where I share the books that I’m most excited to read this year. This was supposed to be a short post but I ended up listing almost every book that I want to read this first half of 2019. I will probably do another post like this around July/August. Hope you enjoy and get some ideas!

The Forgiving Kind by Donna Everhart – JANUARY

She’s a wonderful writer and the reviews for her new book are great so I’m sure I will enjoy this one as much as the others. I will probably read this one in a few weeks, as it comes out soon.

Forgiveness Road by Mandy Mikulencak – FEBRUARY

I really enjoyed Mandy’s last book The Last Suppers and I want to read her new novel set in 1970’s Mississippi. I’m sure it will touch fascinating themes, as her last book did.

The Border by Don Winslow – FEBRUARY

I’m a massive Don Winslow fan so of course I had to add the long awaited conclusion to his series about the war on drugs featuring Art Keller. It will surely be a thrilling ride.

Dead Memories (Kim Stone #10) by Angela Marsons – FEBRUARY

I’m always excited for a new Kim Stone book, but have you read the blurb of this one? It promises to be the best one yet. It probably won’t resurrect the dead, but I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

The Ringmaster (Sam Shepard #2) by Vanda Symon – FEBRUARY

I really enjoyed the first one in the series and it promises lots of changes given how it ended. Overkill was an entertaining and atmospheric read. The cover is just so beautiful.

Suspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond – FEBRUARY

This is a weird one for me, I know. But Stranger Things is my favorite show and I will read anything about Hawkins until the new season is released in July. I miss it so much! This one is YA, so we’ll see.

Until The Day I Die by Emily Carpenter – MARCH

Emily Carpenter’s books are always a priority for me. I’ve enjoyed all of them and while this one definitely sounds different, I will read anything she writes!

A Beautiful Corpse (Harper McClain #2) by Christi Daugherty – MARCH

I loved The Echo Killing so I will obviously read the new Harper McClain book. And I’m visiting Savannah this May, so it’ll be the perfect book to get in the mood for it!

The Last Act by Brad Parks – MARCH

I haven’t read a novel by this author yet, but as soon as I read the blurb, I knew I needed this book in my life. It looks just like a movie and I love how crazy it sounds.

Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech – APRIL

You all know how much I love Louise Beech’s books. They’re unique and different from everything else. And now she’s written a thriller! I.CAN’T.WAIT.

The Great Pretenders by Laura Kalpakian – APRIL

After reading Evelyn Hugo, I wanted to read more books about Hollywood, and this one immediately caught my attention. I want to learn more about how movies were made!

City of Flickering Light by Juliette Fay – APRIL

Another one about Hollywood that I’m excited to read. Hope to love it as much as I love its beautiful cover!

Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen – APRIL

I don’t know much about this one but I loved Good Girls Revolt and I love The Bold Type, so I’m hoping it’s similar to those. I want to read something lighter and fun!

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid – APRIL

The previous book by this author, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, is an all-time favorite of mine and this has wonderful reviews, so I can’t wait. I’ll probably read it around pub date. I love music, I love the 70s and I love female protagonists, so I’m really excited.

Some Choose Darkness by Charlie Donlea – MAY

He’s one of my favorite writers nowadays and the new book looks so good that it’s probably my most anticipated book this year. I hope it’s as good as his last two thrillers! Read the blurb and tell me if you want to read it too!

Next Girl To Die by Dea Poirier – MAY

This is actually a debut, but it looks just like the kind of book I love, so I’m eagerly awaiting its release. I hope it’s as good as its blurb makes it sound. And it’s the start of a new series, which is always a great thing.

Untitled – Fawkes & Baxter #3 by Daniel Cole – MAY

After reading Hangman, I can’t wait for Daniel Cole’s new entry in the Fawkes and Baxter series. This is the perfect series for those who want a thrilling adventure that leaves you breathless!

Stone Cold Heart (Cat Kinsella #2) by Caz Frear – JUNE

Sweet Little Lies was a great book and although I totally thought it was a standalone, I’m going to read the next one in the series featuring Cat Kinsella. It was an intriguing mystery!

If You Want to Make God Laugh by Bianca Marais – JULY

Hum If You Don’t Know The Words is another favorite of mine and I want to know if Bianca’s next book is another winner. Her books are set in South Africa during the apartheid and the titles are super unique.

Never Look Back by Alison Gaylin – JULY

It’s about a crime podcast and the case looks fascinating, so I’m really excited about this one. I read What Remains Of Me a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it.

The Stories You Tell (Roxanne Weary #3) by Kristen Lepionka – JULY

I’m a big fan of the Roxanne Weary series, she’s a PI and she’s badass. I can’t wait to read the new release and see what the author brings us next. So far, the blurb is super intriguing!

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager – JULY

After reading his last two books and absolutely loving his 2018 novel, I seriously can’t wait to read the new thriller by Riley Sager. It’s about a babysitter… I love how everything he writes is so 80s!

The Wolf Wants In by Laura McHugh – AUGUST

Arrowood was amazing and I recently bought Laura McHugh’s debut: The Weight of Blood. This one looks equally creepy and tense and I see that it’s being compared to Sharp Objects, so… Count me in!

What are your most anticipated releases of 2019? 💜

My 2019 Reading Resolutions & Goals

2019 Reading Resolutions.png

Hello and welcome to 2019! 💜 After facing my first serious blogging crisis during the last half of 2018, I finally realized that I did want to keep blogging! It was just a matter of having more time to read (winter is perfect for that) and not writing a review for every book that I read, only those that I wanted to share with you. So that’s why I’m going to try to do.

2019 Reading Resolutions

  • No blogging pressure, just post whenever I feel like doing it. If I don’t want to post during a week, it’s totally fine.
  • I don’t have to write a review of every book that I read. Sometimes, I don’t have much to say and that’s ok.
  • Catch up with crime series that I want to keep reading. I’m so behind!
  • At the same time, give up on series that I’m only reading as “homework”. It’s not a “crime” to give up an unfinished series and move on.
  • Read more books from the TBR and not so many new releases (ha!)
  • Only request 1 ARC/Netgalley every month.
  • New releases: only authors that I love and debuts that look SUPER good.
  • Reach Netgalley 100%, which shouldn’t be difficult since I only have 3 pending reads.
  • Reduce my Goodreads TBR to 50 (ha!).
  • Join more readalongs and buddy reads.
  • Read more international crime (nordic, etc).
  • Not really blog-related, but WRITE MORE. Finish one story. Finally do this.


So… what are your reading goals this year? Do you share any with me? 💜