Review: Guess Who by Chris McGeorge


Release: 2018
Publisher: Orion
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Let me start this review by saying that it’s been months since I’ve had so much fun reading a book. And I’m talking about pure entertainment here. Guess Who by Chris McGeorge was like a blockbuster movie turned into a mystery novel, and it grabbed me from the very first page.

The concept was one of those I’m always attracted to: 5 suspects are locked in a hotel room with a body. The main character, a TV detective who became famous as a kid for solving a murder, has to guess who the killer is or everyone dies… Thrilling, right? I knew as soon as I saw the blurb that I wanted to read it!

The writing was sharp and straight-forward, full of witty dialogue and tension between the characters. I can honestly say there wasn’t a moment of boredom in Guess Who. If you want a fun summer mystery, this is a book that I’d definitely recommend for those who want to escape from reality and keep turning the pages addictively.

Now… Let’s talk about some issues I had. Basically, as much fun as I had while reading this novel, you absolutely need to suspend your disbelief during the majority of the second half. And hey, I always read mysteries and thrillers, so it’s not like I don’t like twists or ask for realism all the time. But the backstories felt so incredibly forced. And the twists were implausible, so I kind of felt like the author had had a great idea but didn’t know how to solve that mess so he just kept writing until he finally had to come up with a solution, no matter if it didn’t really make any sense.

But it’s OK, really. I honestly don’t mind that much because Guess Who was the perfect escapism for an otherwise mediocre week, so if you don’t mind if your thrillers to be a little on the unrealistic side, then I’m pretty sure you’ll find this book amazing.

Many thanks to the publishers for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review



5 Questions With Author Jenni L Walsh @JenniLWalsh

Welcome to my blog, Jenni, and thank you so much for answering these questions! Jenni L Walsh is the writer of Becoming Bonnie and Side by Side and I will read anything she writes!

Tell me a bit about your new book Side by Side. Is it the last book?

Side by Side brings Bonnie and Clyde’s infamous twenty-seven-month crime spree to life–through the eyes of Bonnie Parker herself. It was an emotional challenge to write, but I’m excited for readers to see the ups, downs, shootouts, car chases, et al. through her lens. For those who’ve seen the 1967 film, my story is quite a bit different. The film is very loosely based on real life.

Yes, Side by Side is the last book. I also wrote Becoming Bonnie, which is a prequel to Side by Side. That one tells the origin story of Bonnie before Clyde and how she becomes part of the infamous duo, bringing their backgrounds to life during the Roaring Twenties. Really, the books are standalones and can be read in either order.

How has your life changed since the publication of Becoming Bonnie?

I’d written and set aside a couple of books before Becoming Bonne hit shelves. It was a wonderful feeling to have years and years (and years) of hard work pay-off. My family has made a lot of sacrifices for me to go after my dreams, so I’m very thankful and feel very fortunate. Every time I hear from a reader, my day is made.

What are you working on at the moment?

I can’t say too much, but I’m working on a novel that’s set during the California gold rush, featuring another real-life lady. I’m loving this story and hope to bring it to readers.

What are your hobbies?

With a two-year-old and a four-year-old, I don’t have a ton of time for myself. I know other mamas are nodding along, haha. When I do have downtime, I’m usually reading. Before kids, I was a bit of a workout junkie and spent chunks of time training for marathons, triathlons, etc. Maybe I’ll do that again someday, but for now, I try to hop on my spin bike for thirty minutes or so. A good workout can be so recharging.

What are some of your favorite recent reads? And an all-time favorite?

I’ve always been fascinated with the Romanovs, so I jumped at the chance to read the latest from Ariel Lawhon (I Was Anastasia) and C.W. Gorner (The Romanov Empress). My Romanov itch has been wonderfully scratched for the time being!


Review: Side by Side by @jennilwalsh @MacmillanUSA


Release: 2018
Publisher: Macmillan – Tor/Forge
Genre: Historical Fiction

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’ll probably know that Becoming Bonnie was one of my top reads of 2017. I found Bonnie’s story wonderful and although I knew some things about Bonnie & Clyde because I had watched the 60’s film, the truth is that I had no idea of how Bonnie became that person and what had led her to live that kind of life.

Side by Side (what a beautiful title!) was quite different from Becoming Bonnie. It is action-packed, it’s a road trip book, an adventure, and of course, it is also a love story. Because if there hadn’t been love, Bonnie wouldn’t have ended up in that situation, that’s for sure. Based on what I read, do I think Clyde loved Bonnie? Sure, he adored her. Was he good for her? Absolutely not.

I found myself sympathizing mostly with Blanche (Bonnie’s friend) in this book. I loved Bonnie in Becoming Bonnie because I could relate to her and could understand why she did the things she did. In Side by Side, though, I didn’t like her so much. I can understand that being in love can make you do crazy stuff, but was Clyde really worth it? Come on, he wasn’t even that fun to be around. And poor, poor Blanche! Don’t get me started on that.

One thing that I want to highlight is how much I love Jenni L. Walsh’s writing. Ever since I read her previous book, she had me completely captivated. In Side by Side, it was no different. She’s done so much research to be able to write these books, and I feel like sometimes we don’t really appreciate this kind of effort. From the way the characters talk to the clothes they wear and everything in between, there is so much to take into account.

Side by Side is a thrilling and emotional ride that you can perfectly read as a standalone. However, I wouldn’t want you to miss the prequel, as it’s still a favorite and I’ll always remember it fondly.

Many thanks to the publishers & Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review


Review: The Outsider by @StephenKing @HodderBooks


Release: 2018
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Genre: Mystery & Thriller / Fantasy

During my teenage years, I read some Stephen King books, some of which became all-time favorites (The Green Mile ❤). I wouldn’t say I’ve read most of his novels, but I’ve read enough to know what I love about his writing and, of course, what I don’t. The Outsider is Stephen King’s new novel and I really enjoyed it. It might not be my favorite, but I liked it much more than the last one and other so-so novels like Joyland.

I couldn’t have read The Outsider at a better time. Keep in mind that it is a BIG book, almost 500 pages. However, I flew through it in barely two days. Actually, I spent a whole afternoon reading. I meant to do many things during that day… but instead, I kept on reading until my eyes told me to go to sleep.

The Outsider tells the story of a murder that seems impossible to solve. There are witnesses and prints, yet the suspect claims he was hundreds of miles away that day. And there’s proof of that. So how can it be? What are we dealing with?

The first half of this book was simply unputdownable and although I knew the book would be about supernatural stuff, the mystery aspect was handled so well that I was almost waiting they could solve the puzzle without “magic”. Later on, they brought a character from another King’s series, and I must say I really liked her addition and the way she went on to investigate the case.

I’ve discussed the book with Renee ( and although I ended up enjoying it way more than her, we both agree that the second half wasn’t as gripping as the first, which is precisely what I’ve felt with most of Stephen King’s books. Still, I grew to love the characters here and I love it when that happens.

My favorite aspect of the book was how Holly kept her mind open and tried to convince everyone else that they should be willing to believe in the unknown. It was a great message, and although I don’t believe in any of this, I really like books that deal with this kind of themes. It was all very Stephen King 😉

Many thanks to the publishers for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review


Blog Tour: Rubicon by Ian Patrick

Rubicon Cover.jpg

Release: 2018
Publisher: Fahrenheit Press
Genre: Thriller

Two cops, both on different sides of the law – both with the same gangland boss in their sights.

Sam Batford is an undercover officer with the Metropolitan Police who will stop at nothing to get his hands on fearsome crime-lord Vincenzo Guardino’s drug supply.
DCI Klara Winter runs a team on the National Crime Agency, she’s also chasing down Guardino, but unlike Sam Batford she’s determined to bring the gangster to justice and get his drugs off the streets.

Set in a time of austerity and police cuts where opportunities for corruption are rife, Rubicon is a tense, dark thriller that is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Ian Patrick

ian patrick.jpg

Educated in Nottingham, Ian left school at sixteen. After three years in the Civil Service he moved to London for a career in the Metropolitan Police.
He spent twenty-seven years as a police officer, the majority as a detective within the Specialist Operations Command. A career in policing is a career in writing. Ian has been used to carrying a book and pen and making notes.
Now retired, the need to write didn’t leave and evolved into fiction.

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