I’m Annie and I live in Barcelona. In a past life, I was probably a tortured police detective with a dark and traumatic past. Right now, however, I’m just a twenty-something bookworm who loves old songs and 90s movies.

I mostly enjoy reading mystery and thrillers, coming of age stories, and historical fiction set in the last century, but I’m always open to trying new genres as long as it’s not erotica (sorry not sorry).

The Misstery was created back in 2016 and I honestly can’t believe it has lasted this long. I’ve loved books ever since my grandma first taught me how to read and although movies are my obsession (thanks to my other grandma), I’ve never stopped reading and sharing my love for books and authors.

I love discussing books and getting recommendations, so feel free to comment, DM me on Twitter  or drop me an e-mail whenever you feel like talking fiction!

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