Review: Never Tell by Lisa Gardner @LisaGardnerBks


A man is shot dead in his own home, and his pregnant wife, Evie, is found with the gun in her hands. Detective D.D. Warren instantly recognises her. Sixteen years ago, Evie also shot her own father. That killing was ruled an accident. D.D. doesn’t believe in coincidences. But this case isn’t as open and shut as it first appears, and her job is to discover the truth. Evie might be a victim. Or she might be about to get away with murder again.

My review:

I’ve read a few books by Lisa Gardner before, and a couple  featuring DD Warren herself. NEVER TELL was an amazing addition to the series and a book that had me completely captivated from the get go. Don’t worry if you haven’t followed the series, this book can easily be read as a standalone.

The premise for this book was amazing and the prologue already sets up the mystery in such a great way: a woman comes home and shoots a weapon. Her husband is dead and she was already involved in a similar case sixteen years ago. But is she innocent? Or could have she been guilty both times? The plot thickens when Flora, kidnapped and rescued many years ago, swears she knows the dead husband from her time in captivity.

This is a complex and multi-layered plot narrated by three women: DD Warren, Evie, and Flora. While I understand that DD Warren is the title character, her pov was my least favorite, perhaps because Evie and Flora’s were SO FREAKING GOOD that I was dying to discover all their secrets. I really mean it, Evie was such a mysterious character and her whole family history had me intrigued all the way through. But Flora and her kidnapping story and the tapping scene were fascinating.

What I found most interesting about this book is that, unlike other procedurals, the focus wasn’t on the investigation itself and the detectives, but the Evie and Flora’s stories. This made NEVER TELL refreshing and a different kind of read for me. Lisa Gardner is such a great writer! I can’t wait to continue reading this series, can you tell me which are your favorites?

Did you love NEVER TELL as much as I did? Weren’t Evie and Flora awesome characters? 💙

15 thoughts on “Review: Never Tell by Lisa Gardner @LisaGardnerBks

  1. Diana says:

    Great review, Annie. Haven’t read any books in the series yet. I am intrigued by Evie and Flora’s narrations. This sounds different, in a good way!


  2. Stephanie says:

    I loved this one too! I think Flora is such a great character and of course, love DD. It’s such a great series. I actually hope to see more of Evie in the future! Great review, Annie!


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