Books I’d Love To Reread

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Every now and then I find myself thinking I’d love to reread some books (even though I don’t think I’ll ever do it. After all, I have tons of new books to read). What I fins most curious about this is that I’ve read and loved some books during the years that, however, I would never read again. Maybe because they were too sad, or too graphic, or maybe because I’m afraid I won’t love them so much? But there are other books that I’d love to return to…


I read this book when I was about 16 and I absolutely loved it. The format, the story… it was fun and smart, it was cute but not overly sappy and I really liked both characters. Although I saw the movie a few years back, I still think about reading this one again and hopefully it will be the same magical experience.


This is a weird one, I know. I read and loved this a couple of years ago when I was already blogging. But as opposed to other books, the more I think about this one, the more I love it. And I find myself looking at it and thinking: wasn’t this super weird, toxic and yet super addictive? I remember loving the romantic relationship in this one.


While I have the latest in the series and plan to read it soon, I still remember how much I LOVED this book. It has practically everything I love in a story and I remember how atmospheric it was and how amazing the twists were in this one. It’s an amazing southern mystery and probably the first book I’d reread.

VALLEY OF THE MOON by Melanie Gideon

This book was such a surprise. It was unlike anything I had read before and it was also one of the first books I read when I started blogging. This magical story is definitely not for everyone but it made me cry and the story was super unique and emotional, perfect for fans of movies like Brigadoon.


I read this book front to back while spending the day on a Portugal beach while my brother was surfing. I literally forgot where I was and paid no attention to anyone or anything for about two hours. It was my first book by Diane Chamberlain and although it wasn’t perfect, it was a compelling and unforgettable story. I’d love to revisit this one.

11 thoughts on “Books I’d Love To Reread

  1. Inge | The Belgian Reviewer says:

    Ah I still haven’t read The Roanoke Girls but I’m curious what I’m going to find there! I had a purple copy of Where Rainbows End but it’s the one I enjoyed less I think (too magical for me) and I left it at the train station (bookcrossing). I didn’t know there was a movie though.. I might enjoy it more when I’m watching. I want to reread most of my 5 star novels but so far I don’t think I’ve reread any 😉


  2. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    I am really bad about not re-reading books… I blame the fact that there are too many new releases and other books I’d like to read for the first time. The struggle is real.

    Dude THE ROANOKE GIRLS messed with my mind! Such a weird freaking book that I STILL think about. After I read it, I wondered if it made me a bad person that I enjoyed it lol


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