Review: Jar of Hearts by @JenniferHillier @MinotaurBooks


Release: 2018
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Jar of Hearts was a truly addictive book, no one can deny that. This was a mystery novel that I feel could be enjoyed by most fans of the genre. It has all the ingredients to pull you in and it’s well-written and with a great mystery, so don’t hesitate to buy it.

I don’t know why I thought this would be a different kind of story, but it was actually about Geo, a 30-year-old woman who goes to prison for being an accessory to the murder of her high school best friend, Angela Wong. Georgina’s boyfriend was convicted for killing Angela and now there are other crimes that connect to Calvin James…

Stories set in prisons have always been among my favorites so I absolutely loved everything about Geo’s life in prison and what she had to do to survive. At the same time, the mystery in the present was great and I liked Kaiser’s character, so it was a pleasure to follow his investigation. The flashbacks of the night of the first crime were first focused on Geo, Angela and Kaiser’s teen lives, and while they weren’t my favorite part, they were necessary so you could understand more about their personalities and the relationship between the trio.

I wasn’t really sure of how Jar of Hearts would end, and once I realized where the story was going, I admit I thought it was really smart. Did you see it coming? All in all, this was a gripping thriller that it’s perfect for the summer and could easily become a best-seller. Ideal for fans of thrillers and serial killer stories.

To be honest, the only thing that bothered me about Jar of Hearts was that the main character thought that anything that does not involve penetration is not actual sex. Let’s not be like that, please, it’s 2018 πŸ™„

Many thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review



14 thoughts on “Review: Jar of Hearts by @JenniferHillier @MinotaurBooks

  1. Susie | Novel Visits says:

    The cover of this book really draws me in and your review has me intrigued. Prison stories aren’t alwasy my thing, but this one might be worth a try. (I love that last paragraph, too!)


  2. J.P. Choquette says:

    I love the cover too, Susie! Not sure if I’ll read this as I’m not a fan of prison stories but thanks for another great review.


  3. Diana says:

    Awesome review Annie.I’m so glad that you enjoyed this one.I do like a good prison story,the first chapters of this book reminded me of OINTB πŸ™‚


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