Review: Side by Side by @jennilwalsh @MacmillanUSA


Release: 2018
Publisher: Macmillan – Tor/Forge
Genre: Historical Fiction

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’ll probably know that Becoming Bonnie was one of my top reads of 2017. I found Bonnie’s story wonderful and although I knew some things about Bonnie & Clyde because I had watched the 60’s film, the truth is that I had no idea of how Bonnie became that person and what had led her to live that kind of life.

Side by Side (what a beautiful title!) was quite different from Becoming Bonnie. It is action-packed, it’s a road trip book, an adventure, and of course, it is also a love story. Because if there hadn’t been love, Bonnie wouldn’t have ended up in that situation, that’s for sure. Based on what I read, do I think Clyde loved Bonnie? Sure, he adored her. Was he good for her? Absolutely not.

I found myself sympathizing mostly with Blanche (Bonnie’s friend) in this book. I loved Bonnie in Becoming Bonnie because I could relate to her and could understand why she did the things she did. In Side by Side, though, I didn’t like her so much. I can understand that being in love can make you do crazy stuff, but was Clyde really worth it? Come on, he wasn’t even that fun to be around. And poor, poor Blanche! Don’t get me started on that.

One thing that I want to highlight is how much I love Jenni L. Walsh’s writing. Ever since I read her previous book, she had me completely captivated. In Side by Side, it was no different. She’s done so much research to be able to write these books, and I feel like sometimes we don’t really appreciate this kind of effort. From the way the characters talk to the clothes they wear and everything in between, there is so much to take into account.

Side by Side is a thrilling and emotional ride that you can perfectly read as a standalone. However, I wouldn’t want you to miss the prequel, as it’s still a favorite and I’ll always remember it fondly.

Many thanks to the publishers & Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review



8 thoughts on “Review: Side by Side by @jennilwalsh @MacmillanUSA

  1. Diana says:

    Great review, Annie! I have been looking for Becoming Bonnie ever since I read your review. Glad to hear that this one was also good and equally well researched. Clyde being boring sounds funny lol but it makes me curious to know what Bonnie saw in him.


  2. J.P. Choquette says:

    Sounds interesting, Annie. Thanks for the great review. I appreciate that you pointed out not only what worked for you (the author’s writing style and intensive research) but also what didn’t (Bonnie not being easily relate-able). Happy to have found your blog and looking forward to more reading here soon. 🙂


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