Review: A Breath After Drowning by Alice Blanchard


Release: 2018
Publisher: Titan Books
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

A Breath After Drowning is one of those psychological thriller books that I’m still excited to read. It is both a mystery and a psychological thriller at the same time, and it’s not about husbands and wives and marriages gone wrong. And I love that!

This is the story of child psychologist Kate Wolfe (great name!), whose sister was killed years ago by Henry Blackwood (even better name!). After one of her patients kills herself, Kate starts obsessing about another patient of hers, who shares a connection with Henry. But does she know what really happened all those years ago? Or could she be wrong about everything she’s believed in until now?

You know how I love cold cases or crimes from the past that they’re not what it seemed in the first place. I was addicted from the very first page, as Alice Blanchard has a really compelling way of keeping you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know more. Although the mystery doesn’t really start until about 40%, there wasn’t a moment when I didn’t want to keep reading.

My only issue with A Breath After Drowning was with the ending, which felt a bit far-fetched for my taste. It wasn’t predictable, as I had no idea of what had happened, but the conclusion left me a bit indifferent. I kind of felt like they wanted to tie up every loose end, no matter if some character’s motives or actions didn’t make much sense.

Despite my problems with the ending, I really enjoyed this novel. It was a solid thriller, an exciting one that fans of serial killer stories will undoubtedly love. And I’d definitely read Alice Blanchard again!

Many thanks to the publishers for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review


12 thoughts on “Review: A Breath After Drowning by Alice Blanchard

  1. Zuky the BookBum says:

    I recently read a novel where I had the same feelings about the ending. It’s sometimes alright to have loose ends… or just not create as many storylines to have to close!
    Great review 🙂


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