1000 Followers & Blogiversary! International Giveaway

UPDATE: The winner is: Yvonne (https://vonnibee.wordpress.com/)


I woke up today a little bit happier after seeing this notification. I want to thank everyone who follows my blog, I could’ve never imagined that I would ever have 1000 followers when I decided to join the fabulous bookish community exactly 2 years ago! How amazing is that I’ve reached this number the very same day of my second blogiversary?

I mentioned it last week, but I want to say it again. May hasn’t been such a good month and that’s why I haven’t been so active during the last few weeks, so apologies in advance for my lack of sharing/commenting, etc. I thought I would never suffer from a reading slump, but it finally happened! In addition, my boyfriend broke his leg and I’ve been pretty busy at home, so go figure… it’s taking me ages to finish some books that I would’ve devoured a year ago! I just can’t concentrate on reading, and I’ve been watching fewer movies as well. On the other hand, I watched tons of tv shows, so there’s that. Hopefully, the reading slump will go away soon, in fact, I believe it’s already happening thanks to the new Angie Marson book 🤭

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate this milestone with all of you, and so I’m hosting an international giveaway! The prize is a book of your choice from BookDepository (make sure BD ships to your country!). And again, THANK YOU.



75 thoughts on “1000 Followers & Blogiversary! International Giveaway

  1. Grace says:

    Yaaay, that’s amazing! Double celebration, then! CONGRATULATIONS on 1000+ followers! And thank you so much for the giveaway 😀 😀 My favorite book of 2018 so far is CARAVAL (Stephanie Garber). Its sequel is released in a few days, and I cannot wait to read it!


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