Review: Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey


Release: 2018
Publisher: Quercus
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Happy Thursday everyone and sorry for my lack of posts/shares lately. It’s been a crazy month and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change soon, so apologies in advance if I’m not as active as I was before!

Last week I finished Wrong Way Home, a police procedural featuring DI Grace Fisher, a new detective for me. The case was so timely that it was almost scary, especially because of what has been going on my country. This is a story about the rape and murder of Heather Bowyer, a tragic incident that wasn’t solved back in 1992. However, now it seems like forensic techniques might be able to help… But what happens when there are two suspects?

I was intrigued from the beginning, and although I hated how Grace treated her younger colleague, I really liked how the team investigated together and the different strategies they followed to try to catch the killer. I didn’t care much for the romance between the two main characters, but maybe it’s because I don’t know them well enough. I know, I should’ve read the previous books! Still, I don’t think it was entirely necessary, as you can read this one as a standalone too.

I think my favorite part of Wrong Way Home, perhaps, were the chapters where you could “read” the podcast from Freddie Craig. Freddie is a young man who was born the day of Heather Bowyer’s murder, which was also the day of the fire, a night that Southend remembers really well. But is it possible that all these events are connected?

If you like police procedurals and mysteries, this is a solid novel that is both well-written and captivating. Was it a favorite? I’m afraid not. Would I recommend it? If you like the genre, for sure!

Many thanks to the publishers for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review


4 thoughts on “Review: Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey

  1. Diana says:

    Curious to know what is going on in Spain. This sounds like a solid crime thriller though I think its one where reading the series in order might be better because of the character development. The case does sound interesting though. Great review!


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