Review: The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton @AuthorSJBolton @Orionbooks


Release: 2018
Publisher: Trapeze / Orion Books
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

I remember feeling a bit disappointed when I found out Sharon Bolton’s new novel was about witches. Whyyy? I love her mysteries! And it’s not that I don’t love stories about witches (I do!) but I thought it was a weird move. Nevertheless, when I read The Craftsman‘s blurb months ago, I didn’t even realize this was supposed to be *that* book. It seemed just like one of her standalone thrillers! It wasn’t until later when I started to read interviews, that I was reminded of that. However, this time, I was really excited, probably because the book looked creepy and amazing.

The Craftsman tells the story of a woman in 1999, Florence Lovelady, who attends the funeral of Larry Glassbrook, a convicted killer who buried children alive, someone that she helped catch back in the late 60s. The first part of the book is the funeral, and then we travel back to 1969 with Florence’s investigation of the crimes. Finally, the last part of the novel takes place again in 1999, and wow, it’s a wild ride! One of my favorite books so far this year, hands down.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t read The Craftsman quickly because I was traveling and I couldn’t carry it with me everywhere, but I couldn’t help it and still brought it with me to Amsterdam. I couldn’t put it down, it was too good. There’s something about Sharon Bolton’s writing, she grips me like no other! I was completely absorbed by Florence’s story and although you might think you know what happens later, it’s still a fascinating adventure.

Florence was a wonderful character, she totally gave me Jane Tennison vibes, probably because she was too a young policewoman working with men who didn’t take her seriously. She was a bit naïve but determined to catch the bad guy and obviously smarter than all the guys around her. Oh, and I loved Sharon Bolton’s portrayal of the women in this book and the sorority between them.

The supernatural angle it’s there, and it becomes more relevant in the last part of the novel, but to be honest, I actually loved it. I admit it wasn’t what I expected, and for a while, I was completely confused as I didn’t see the point in having witches in the story, but gradually, it all started making sense. And I can assure you it was a great finale. You all know that Sharon Bolton writes amazing endings and this is probably one of her best ones.

That last line…

Many thanks to the publishers for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review



19 thoughts on “Review: The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton @AuthorSJBolton @Orionbooks

  1. Stephanie says:

    I really need to read Sharon Bolton! I’ve heard so many good things about her books…what am I waiting for?! Do you think I should read this one as my first Bolton book, or do you have another you’d recommend? Excellent review as always!! 🙂


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