Review: In The Cage Where Your Saviours Hide by Malcolm Mackay


Release: 2018
Publisher: Apollo, Head of Zeus
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

In The Cage Where Your Saviours Hide by Malcolm Mackay has probably one of my favorite titles this year. As soon as I read the title and saw the cover I was interested. The blurb was quite intriguing, given that this is a mystery novel set in a different world from the one we’re living right now. This novel is set in the independent kingdom of Scotland, which happens to have a deep relationship with Central America.

This is a promising start to what could be an interesting new series. The main character is called Darian Ross and he’s a twenty-something private investigator… only he can’t tell anyone that. If anyone asks, he’s a “researcher! One day, he starts working on a case investigating Maeve Campbell’s ex-boyfriend murder, a criminal who’s been found in a dark alley. The police don’t seem interested, so Darian does everything in his power to bring the killer to justice… but of course, it won’t be that simple.

Besides the distinct setting, In The Cage Where You Saviours Hide was a pretty classic detective novel where the main focus of the story were Darian’s efforts and conversations with the suspects. I loved that this unique society was as corrupt as ours is now, maybe even more. And I loved Darian’s character, how honest he was, how he naïvely believed he could do good in a world where apparently there’s no such thing.

In the end, this was an interesting book and maybe the beginning of a series that has a lot of potential to become great. The case wasn’t the most fascinating ever, but the book is fairly short and it kept me interested to find out what had really happened to Moses.

Many thanks to the publishers for providing me an e-copy in exchange for an honest review

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7 thoughts on “Review: In The Cage Where Your Saviours Hide by Malcolm Mackay

  1. Diana says:

    This sounds great, Annie. I like the idea of the setting and the MC sounds great too. Already curious about why his career is secret and how that plays out in the story. Great review.


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