4 TV Shows for Crime Fans

Hello 🧐 Happy Saturday! These last few months I’ve been watching many tv shows and today I wanted to talk about four of them that I think you might like if you enjoy crime fiction (I know most of you do!) Feel free to recommend me similar shows if you think I’m missing out!


If you haven’t watched The Alienist yet, you have the chance when it comes to Netflix on April 19th. This a 10-episode show (I’m not sure if it’ll be renewed) that tells the story of Lazslo Kreizler, an “alienist’ living in XIX’s New York. Alienists were like psychiatrists, and the show is like Mindhunter or Criminal Minds but set in the 1800s. The whole season revolves around a case (rather gross), and Lazslo will investigate it thanks to the help of newspaper illustrator John Moore, and police secretary Sara Howard. It’s dark, addictive and twisty, and, not that it will matter to everyone, but it stars my husband Daniel Brühl 😉

Perfect for fans of psychology, historical fiction and stories like Jack the Ripper


Bosch is based on Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series and although I’ve watched the last 2 seasons this past month, I actually started when it was released. Next season is released in just five days and I couldn’t be more excited! Each season follows a different case for our favorite detective, but there are some storylines that appear during the whole show. I love Bosch, his partner Jerry Edgar, and Grace. I could watch an episode after another and never get tired.

Perfect for fans of police procedurals, L.A, and a charismatic tortured detective.


If you want something shorter, Strike is only 7-episodes long. It covers all three books by JK Rowling and whenever she writes another, they will film the next season. I love this one especially because of the characters, they’re a great team and I love their relationship (not romantic… yet?). The series is located in London, and the cases can be dark, but Robin and Cormoran’s relationship makes me smile every now and then, so it’s all good.

Perfect for fans of PIs, UK fiction, and JK Rowling, of course


Frankie Drake Mysteries was an absolute delight and I think it might be my favorite thing this past week. This TV show is set in Canada and features Frankie Drake, the first female private detective. She’s incredibly AMAZING, and her partners Trudy and Mary are equally fascinating as well. This is one of those light-hearted, funny shows, where mysteries are not dark at all, but I’ve watched all 11 episodes in a matter of days. If I had to choose a fictional character to turn myself into, I’d definitely choose Frankie. And can I get Hemingway too?

Perfect for fans of cozy mysteries, strong heroines, and the 20s.


41 thoughts on “4 TV Shows for Crime Fans

  1. FictionFan says:

    Ooh, how exciting! I don’t have Netflix but will certainly look out for The Alienist turning up on one of our channels or on Amazon Video. Hope it gets renewed! 😀


  2. Diana says:

    Great post Annie. I am really interested in Bosch. Glad to hear that it already has so many episodes already, perfect for binge-watching. My favorite crime show is Criminal Minds. I have been re-watching past seasons. I think its now on season 13.


  3. juliapalooza says:

    I loved Strike – they did them really well BUT I do think they should have made each story three or four parts long to really do the books justice. I quite fancied the Frankie Drake mysteries but haven’t got round to them yet – good to hear they’re worth it. Thanks 🙂


  4. Stephanie says:

    I love Bosch! I just got through binging the first 4 episodes of season 4 (and am debating how much sleep I want to lose so I can squeeze in a couple more), lol. I’ve never heard of Strike; I wonder if it’s available in the US..I’m going to find out! Thanks for the recs!


  5. Kedy says:

    I love your post.

    I have never watched Bosch as i didn’t know it is book. Thanks for mention and I am looking forward to jump into these series.


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