Review: The Reunion by Samantha Hayes @samhayes @bookouture


Release: 2018
Publisher: Bookouture
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

I don’t know why, but before I started reading this book, I was sure it was about a high school reunion gone wrong. The Reunion by Samantha Hayes is actually about a  woman called Claire who feels guilty about her sister’s disappearance twenty-one years ago. Eleanor wanted to buy ice-cream and Claire let her go… even though Lenni could be too gullible and easily manipulated. When she didn’t come back, Claire, her brother Jason and their parents Shona and Patrick never gave up on the idea that one day she’d return home. Now, Patrick has Alzheimer’s and Claire wants to invite her childhood friends and some of her family to cheer him up. But once they are all reunited, things start to go wrong…

There are so many aspects I enjoyed about this book. I’ve read almost every one of Samantha Haye’s book and I always admire her ability to create such shocking endings and tangled webs of lies. Although The Reunion is certainly a slow-burner (it does take a while for the “action” to begin), I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by the time I finished it, and I was absolutely right. The novel switched between two perspectives: Claire’s reunion in 2017 and a much creepier one that I’ll let you discover for yourselves.

There were many characters in this novel and the fun thing is that they all could’ve had their reasons, so I wasn’t really sure of what had happened to Lenni until it was revealed at the end. However, to be honest, most of the guests and family members were pretty likable, except one. There was a particular character who was incredibly duplicitous from the very beginning and I hated him with all my heart. No love for you, mister.

Regarding the ending, I must confess I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the “who” until I learned more about the circumstances that led to Lenni’s disappearance. Let’s say I wasn’t sold on that ending until a couple of chapters later, when my heart broke into a million pieces. And it was then when I thought: this is exactly the kind of reveal that I love. Thank you Samantha Hayes for another cracking read!

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21 thoughts on “Review: The Reunion by Samantha Hayes @samhayes @bookouture

  1. Diana says:

    Reading your review has reminded me of the details of this story and especially the twist and the heartbreaking reveal about the reasons behind some of the actions. I am so glad that you liked this one. I haven’t read anything else by the author but I hope to do so soon. Great review and thanks for the mention 🙂


  2. Susie | Novel Visits says:

    Sold! Your review is great. This is a book I hadn’t really considered, but I’m going to add it to my list of books to read in the summer when I have a little more time.


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