Netgalley says NO! My Saddest Book Rejections

This post is inspired by Zuky who I believed was inspired by Janel! We’ve all been rejected by Netgalley, haven’t we? (Or maybe not? Tell me the secret!) Today, I wanted to share with you my saddest book rejections and confess if I ended up reading the book or not. And, of course, I’m curious: what were your saddest rejections on Netgalley?


My first ever rejection. I loved the first book in the series: A Gilded Grave (I read it bfore I joined the blogosphere!) but I never got to read this sequel and I think being rejected made me want it less lol.


I remember being super sad when I was rejected I See You because I loved I Let You Go but then the publishers sent me the physical copy… so yeah, I read it. And I liked I Let You Go much better, to be honest.


I was denied this book not once but TWICE and I finally bought it this summer so hopefully I’ll read it soon! It’ll be my first Lisa Jewell.


Yes, I was rejected twice for this one as well. I bought it a couple of days later, so that’s okay. Also my first Erin Kelly.


Another one by an author I loved. The Last Child was amazing. I bought this one too and will read it before his next book comes out!


This was my most recent and saddest rejection this year. I loved Distress Signals and I’ve been trying to get a copy of Catherine’s new book… unsuccessfully 😦

41 thoughts on “Netgalley says NO! My Saddest Book Rejections

  1. noveldeelights says:

    Most recently, the rejection that made me sad was The Silent Companions. I think it would be nicer if they gave a valid reason. But you get this standard email with three options, none of which apply, so why didn’t you get the book?! 😂


  2. Keeper of Pages says:

    I love that Netgalley says No! is catching on!! I jinxed myself when I posted that I’d only been rejected three times because a few days later I was rejected for Perfect Prey by Helen Fields! I shouldn’t be two upset because book one, Perfect Remains, is still sitting on my shelf unread 🙈 But just over a year on NG and only 4 rejections, I shouldn’t complain 😂

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  3. Fictionophile says:

    I have had many rejected requests from NetGalley over the years. To be fair, they are usually UK based publications (I live in Canada). I seem to be constantly attracted to novels with a British publisher. 🙄 One of my biggest disappointments was being turned down for “The house of birds” by Morgan McCarthy. It still is not available for purchase in Canada in Kindle format… 🤔😣
    Strangely, I have only ever been turned down by Edelweiss on one occasion. I clearly remember that it was my request for the Dennis Lehane title “Since we fell”.


    • Annie says:

      I’m from SPain but I state that I’m from the UK otherwise I would get even fewer “Accepted” lol I didn’t enjoy The House of Birds that much, so 😛

      I’ve been turned down by Edelweiss 5 times and Ive only requested like 8 books lol


  4. FictionFan says:

    Ha! Great idea for a post – I may borrow it if I may! I’ve been rejected for zillions over the years, mainly because I often chance it on publishers in different countries – sometimes it pays off, but often it doesn’t. But I’ve never looked back to see which ones I still regret or read later…


  5. Renee (Itsbooktalk) says:

    Fun Post! I’m so bummed you didn’t get The Liar’s Girl:( I hope you get a print copy. I’ve been denied SO much on netgalley but my saddest was for Sirens which I did go on to read and most recently I’m super sad that I got rejected on Edelweiss for The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle…my netgalley request for it has been pending forever so I don’t look for it to be approved.


  6. Susie | Novel Visits says:

    This is a really fun idea for a post. We’ve all been rejected, but I think what I hate even more is when you just never here anything. To me, it’s worse then being rejected because I just keep wondering if my request got buried on someone’s computer and they never even opened it. A couple I was denied this year were Forest Dark and Chemistry. I read samples on both and wasn’t hooked so didn’t buy either. I never heard anything on Little Fires Everywhere, bought it and loved it. I also never heard anything on My Absolute Darling and now am kind of glad I didn’t get a copy!


  7. stephaniesbookreviews says:

    I just got denied yesterday for Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills (my favorite YA Contemporary author) which is one of my most anticipated books of 2017 and it made me so sad. I also never, ever get approved for a book by Kristan Higgins and I haven’t been approved for a Karin Slaughter book since Cop Town.
    I liked what you said about the first book you mentioned, that being rejected made you want it less. I often feel the same way haha. I wrote a whole post once called “ARC Revenge” but never posted it haha.


  8. brmaycock says:

    Rebecca Pugh for two different books, Rosie Blake and Clare Mackintosh too! There’s definitely one or two more I must go looking out and I’ll let you know! It’s funny because in the case of the first two I got sent messages that I should head over to Netgalley and request from the publisher and was then rejected. I found that funny (ha ha funny!) as I pictured them sending out the emails then saying ‘watch this!’, but I do have to admit I do feel very disappointed to get rejections. I also have to admit I’ve never got a call back when I’ve put books on my Netgalley wish list but I’ve very small numbers so I feel grateful for anything at all really!:) Great post!


  9. Diana says:

    Great post! Interestingly, I wrote mine last week though won’t post it until Friday and we do have one book in common, I See You. My request for I Found You was first rejected and then I got the book through ‘ Read Now’ section. I was surprised by that lol. My saddest rejections have to be Roanoke Girls and Marsh King Daughter.


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