My Favorite Book Covers

Today I decided I wanted to write a post about something a bit different. Book covers. It’s no secret that I have a weakness for beautiful covers and I sometimes want to read a book just because of that. But are the books as good as their covers? Let’s see…

Already Read

Round Midnight was good, although I didn’t love it. The same thing I can say about The Room By The Lake  and Doll Baby. The Girls was a weird one and I’ve found myself liking it  less and less and time passed. White Nights in Split Town City is probably one of my favorite covers ever, but the book was a bit too weird for me. The House At The Edge of the Night was a beautiful book and I loved Darktown and The Gilded Years, but my favorites are Arrowood, A Twist in Time, and, of course, Homegoing.


What are some of your favorite covers? Do you also fall in love at first sight?

32 thoughts on “My Favorite Book Covers

  1. Diana says:

    These are all gorgeous. The Girls was so creative. I like Homegoing too especially given what you told me about the family tree, it sort of captures that.

    Do you remember the one for A Mother’s Confession, not necessarily a beautiful cover but definitely a memorable one especially given what we discovered after reading the book 🙂


  2. Inge | The Belgian Reviewer says:

    I like the cover of A Twist in Time most! I do love a nice cover and I would definitely cover-buy even if I’m not a 100% convinced about the blurb. I’ve noticed I don’t really like covers that really show the heads of people, I like to imagine them entirely :-). Some of the most beautiful covers I find in fantasy though, they often have lovely colours and very very attractive (can’t think of a title now but I’ve seen plenty).


  3. Susie | Novel Visits says:

    Great Idea for a post. I really like The Girls, too. A few I liked from this year were Home Fire, A Separation and White Fur. It’s funny that of those four books I only really loved one of them…White Fur.


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