Review: Close To Home by Robert Dugoni


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While investigating the hit-and-run death of a young boy, Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite makes a startling discovery: the suspect is an active-duty serviceman at a local naval base. After a key piece of case evidence goes missing, he is cleared of charges in a military court. But Tracy knows she can’t turn her back on this kind of injustice. When she uncovers the driver’s ties to a rash of recent heroin overdoses in the city, she realizes that this isn’t just a case of the military protecting its own. It runs much deeper than that, and the accused wasn’t acting alone. For Tracy, it’s all hitting very close to home. As Tracy moves closer to uncovering the truth behind this insidious conspiracy, she’s putting herself in harm’s way. And the only people she can rely on to make it out alive might be those she can no longer trust

So this year I’ve been blessed with not one, but two Tracy Crosswhite books! Can I ask for another one before the year ends? This is one of my absolute favorite series you guys!

I already told you that The Trapped Girl was probably my favorite out of all the Tracy books. It was simply amazing and it’s right there among my favorite reads of 2017. It was that good. So while I definitely enjoyed this fifth installment, Close To Home, I must say that I didn’t love it as much as the previous novels. Why’s that? I’ll get to it later.

It’s funny because I had just finished reading The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow and that was a brutal book. I needed something way different, something that wasn’t about drug cartels and despicable gangsters (I love those kind of stories, but I wanted a change). Imagine my surprise when I realized that Close To Home was all about drugs and dealers. Okay, it wasn’t all about that, it also had its personal storylines and a navy investigation, but it seems like I can’t stay away from that topic.

I said it before, but I love Tracy and Dan, and I love Tracy’s team: Kins, Del and Faz. This time, though, Tracy wasn’t exactly the main character, she let others take that spot. My favorite storyline was the one featuring Del and his investigation regarding the death of her niece. There was also another case featuring a hit and run that was connected to the Navy. I felt like watching an episode from NCIS. And be aware that there is a heavy legal-thriller feel, just like in My Sister’s Grave. As for new characters, we were introduced to Leah Battles and she felt like one of the main characters, as well. I liked Celia, too.

The reasons why I didn’t love this as much as The Trapped Girl -or My Sister’s Grave– were that: a) I’m not really interested in military stuff, and b) for the first time, I was able to figure out what had happened, something that I hadn’t experienced before when reading Dugoni’s books. I think it’s because I always believe that coincidences don’t exist in fiction and I was sure about something from the very beginning.

Still, Close To Home is a strong procedural featuring some of my favorite characters and Robert Dugoni’s books are essential for me. As soon as he releases the next one, I’ll be there.

Netgalley, Thomas & Mercer, 2017


17 thoughts on “Review: Close To Home by Robert Dugoni

  1. The Suspense Is Thrilling Me says:

    I’m so ashamed that I haven’t started these yet! 😭🙈 I’ve been working really hard on not accepting review requests and getting through my stack of arcs, and if all goes according to plan should be mostly caught up by end of October so that I can enjoy some fun reads again. This series is on my list for sure!


    • Annie says:

      So proud of you haha I’ve only made progress with Netgalley, but still have lots of physical copies to get through. But the Throwback Thursday meme is helping me read books from my TBR! I think you’ll enjoy this series ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    It’s funny isn’t it what we like and don’t like about books. I liked the JAG part because I rarely read anything legal and thought I was learning something. I didn’t get the end of this one either, though I saw the links with drugs quickly I was still a bit “is it really them?”.


    • Annie says:

      Okay so SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER I knew the two cases were connected (why would they investigate two cases?) and so I made the connection right away, I was disappointed because of that. Oh and I love legal stuff, just not militar themes 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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