It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last Week…

Ragdoll was a fast-paced thriller, The Escape was super addictive and the other two were such beautiful stories! Perfect for historical fiction fans. So yes, I cried a lot during this week, haha.

Right Now…


I got this ages ago! The cover is so beautiful and it’s set in the 50s! Let’s see…



I also got this a while ago and while it’s another psychological thriller, I’m curious!

In case you missed it…

Have you read any of these?


26 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. You have me super curious about The Night She Won Miss America. Great title, but I’ve not heard anything about it.


  2. I keep seeing My Sister around. I hope that it will be an interesting read for you.The Miss America one also looks good and the time period has definitely caught my interest. Anyway, looking forward to your reviews of all.

    In the meantime, I am still reading The Missing Ones lol. Its been over a week now.


    1. Just finished My Sister and… I loved it. It was so different from what I expected, not the typical psychological thriller by any means. Hahaha STILL?


  3. It’s Thursday (I give up lol) I am currently reading Fates and Traitors by Jennifer Chiaverini. It is about John Wilkes Booth (the man that assassinated President Abraham Lincoln – not sure how familiar you are with U.S. history)

    Oooo The Night She Won Miss America looks interesting! How did it turn out?


    1. Haha It’s funny because we study US history too but no one studies ours 😂 Yeah I know about that and Jfk and Oswald. And probably because Ive grown up watching American movies haha The Night she won miss America was great, I loved it 😍

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