Gone Without A Trace (Mary Torjussen)


No one ever disappears completely… You leave for work one morning. Another day in your normal life. Until you come home to discover that your boyfriend has gone. His belongings have disappeared. He hasn’t been at work for weeks. It’s as if he never existed. But that’s not possible, is it? And there is worse still to come. Because just as you are searching for him someone is also watching you.

Do you ever get nervous while reading a book? That feeling in your stomach, the anticipation… It usually happens to me when I’m reading one of those novels that I feel will lead to a powerful conclusion. What exactly is going on? Are my theories correct or have I been tricked?

From the moment I started Gone Without A Trace, I knew it was one of those books. They’re just so easy to read! You can get into the characters’ mind and try to decide what you would do if you were in their shoes. In this case, Hannah gets home and discovers that his boyfriend has disappeared without a trace. But why? They were getting along well and nothing seemed to indicate that he was about to leave her… And he hasn’t just left, he has also erased his pictures and messages from Hannah’s computer and phone, including his mobile number. He has even left his job and taken all his belongings with him.

I was full of ideas at first, although I later discarded them because I thought they were too convenient. Why had he left? Why hadn’t he said anything? Was he the one sending messages to Hannah? I couldn’t wait to know… As it usually happens with this type of books, I liked Hannah in the beginning and I felt sorry for her, but she began to behave erratically after a while. I don’t know why, but I always have a hard time reading scenes where the main character begins to obsess over something and starts messing up her life (in this case, work).

When I started reading it, I thought the book had some similarities to both Distress Signals and The Marriage Lie, although it ended up not resembling any. Gone Without A Trace pulled off a nice twist that I definitely didn’t see coming. At the same time, I can’t say that I felt completely satisfied with it. I think the issue wasn’t the twist itself but the fact that it came with other sudden revelations that I found a bit unrealistic. The book was just perfectly plausible up until that point, but by the time it reached 70%, it went a little too crazy for my taste. I don’t know if I like how it ended.

All in all, this was an addictive story that I highly recommend to fans of psychological thrillers. The conclusion is pretty shocking and, if you don’t mind things getting a little crazy, you will surely love this one a lot. The last line made me smile.

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Netgalley, Headline, 2017

28 thoughts on “Gone Without A Trace (Mary Torjussen)

  1. Jackie Law says:

    Isn’t it fascinating how different readers experience a book? I couldn’t warm to Hannah and found the middle section irritating but loved how it picked up when what was going on was revealed. And that ending, for me, lifted the story into another sphere. Always enjoy reading other’s reviews 🙂


  2. Donna says:

    I love getting into the characters’ shoes from the comfort and safety of my couch 😀 The premise brings so many questions, it’s insane! I’m sorry to hear about the unrealistic bit, though, as a sucker for realism in stories, I’d probably have the same reaction! Fab review!


  3. FictionFan says:

    I’m not good at books that make me pass too far over the believability line, so I’m not sure this one would be for me. But I must say the premise is intriguing! Great review! 🙂


  4. Emma says:

    I always think you are more willing to put up with the unbelievable when you care about the characters. Sounds like here, you couldn’t quite care enough to let things go. Still, overall I kind of like the sound of it and think I would pick up a copy.


  5. Renee (Itsbooktalk) says:

    I can totally see why you said you weren’t sure if I’d like this after reading your review. I really really need to connect with a character and it does sound like Hannah is somewhat hard to connect to if she was getting on your nerves. I think I’ll give it a try and see how it goes….I’m super curious about that ending:)


  6. Diana says:

    I don’t mind crazy lol.You already mentioned that I might like this one.Reading your review,I know I will.Sounds like an interesting read.Fab review!


  7. Inge | The Belgian Reviewer says:

    For some reason this one reminds me of Wrong Number, a novel with a missing person that also went a little way out of what I was expecting (more action than thriller too). If it gets too crazy a novel can really lose its grip on me, so I’m not sure this would be the right choice for me to read. Excellent review though!


  8. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    So I know this is completely random, but I can’t get over the coat color choice on the cover… Is it me, or would a RED coat have made this cover pop out and catch the eye? Or yellow… something brightly colored? Why the dull lavender? Sorry, random things bother me lol

    “Gone Without A Trace pulled off a nice twist that I definitely didn’t see coming. At the same time, I can’t say that I felt completely satisfied with it. I think the issue wasn’t the twist itself but the fact that it came with other sudden revelations that I found a bit unrealistic.”

    Ugh that’s the worst because you give the author props for catching you off guard, but it doesn’t work if it isn’t believable… Boo.


    • Annie says:

      Hahahaha You made me laugh with the coat thing. You’re right, it should’ve been red. BAD CHOICE! Im not sure you’d enjoy this, as I think you’re a bit like Renee with psychological thrillers.

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