The Book-To-Film Tag

I was feeling adventurous (ha!) and decided I wanted to do something different today. So I basically created this tag (nothing original about it) and it’s all about cinema… and books, of course.


Best book-to-film adaptations

Too many! The Green Mile, The Help & Atonement are amazing.  I also liked The Light Between Oceans, I thought it was a faithful adaptation. Sleepers. The Princess Bride. Where The Heart Is. Most of my favorite films are based on books.

Worst book-to-film adaptations

It’s not the worst, but I was so disappointed by Live by night. It was my most anticipated film in years and I love Ben Affleck as a director… but sadly, it didn’t work for me. I still love the book, though. I really liked One Day but I didn’t care for the film that much. Same with The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Films that were quite different to the book but still good

Gone Baby Gone. It’s one of my favorite films and they changed many things but I actually love the changes. Water For Elephants was great as well, although it was definitely different. PS I Love You & Where Rainbows End. And they changed Shutter Island’s ending, but I like the film’s better.

The film is better than the book

Brooklyn. This was the easiest question ever. Also The Notebook and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. And Riding in cars with boys, which I love, but the book was so boring in my opinion.

Most anticipated book to movie adaptation

The Zookeeper’s Wife seems like a film I’d enjoy, although I haven’t read the book. The new IT adaptation (the first one is just SO BAD) and also the new Murder On The Orient Express!


I’d love to see Dark Matter as a film. And if they ever make Homegoing, it’d surely win many Oscars. Kill the Father and Little Deaths would also make great films, as they’re definitely unique.

If you want to do this, feel free!


31 thoughts on “The Book-To-Film Tag

  1. Being a movie lover like you I think this is a great idea for a tag!! I haven’t seen or read The Green Mile but that is very high on my TBR this year…I WILL read it before the end of the year then watch the movie:) Totally agree that One Day book was so much better. I’ll keep my other ideas to myself and do this tag sometime soon:)


    1. I read it many years ago but I remember loving it (maybe it’s awful now, I don’t know hahaha). The film is fantastic, it’s just one of those epic stories 😀 Yesss, do it, I’m so curious!


    1. It was such a beautiful book! Love those type of stories, it’s been a while since I read one (I think my last ones were 11/22/63 and Valley of the moon). I actually liked the cast, well, I like Rachel McAdams. But there was no magic… it was a plain film

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  2. You’ve got some great titles/suggestions here
    1 I can’t wait for The Zookeeper’s Wife and, while I didn’t love the book Little Deaths, I actually think it could be a terrific movie. I saw Lion this week. Though I didn’t read A Long Way Home, I looooved this movie and would highly recommend it. I cried. A lot.


    1. I cried a lot too with Lion! Haven’t read the book either, but it was such a beautiful story! Loved the adoptive mother (Kidman). Little Deaths is a difficult book but it was so stylish, I just felt it would make a great film

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  3. I saw the grand total of 4 movies you named here and I only read PS I love you (after which I really wanted to see the movie). I didn’t even know there was a movie of Where Rainbows End. I’m jotting down all of these titles. I’ve got one more to add too: I loved the novel Room and really enjoyed how they made the movie too.


    1. Ohh, I have only seen the film, but I loved the first part (when they’re locked). The second part felt a bit too dramatic for me, but it was such a great story!!! You need to watch more of these movies!


  4. How I love The Notebook movie. I have never read the book yet and I don’t intend to. Glad to hear that the movie was better anyway. I need to watch PS:I Love You someday. I loved the book. Another book to movie adaptation that I really liked was The Book Thief. Oh and I agree with you about The Help. I loved both movie and book.

    I saw Water for Elephants at our library yesterday. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I need to read it soon. Great tag Annie!


  5. I love this post! I did read The Zookeepers Wife and am looking forward to the movie. It’s been a long time since I read the book and sometimes I think that’s a good thing with books to film. You can’t remember as many details, so expectations aren’t quite as high!


  6. There is one film adaptation that I’m very anxious to see now, “A man called Ove”.
    I expect I’ll be disappointed, as it is one of my favorite novels – but I want to see what they do with Fredrik Backman’s awesome book.

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  7. Annie, I would definatly agree with you on the movie Brooklyn. I read the book first, but when I watched the movie I knew that the movie was much better. What gave you the feeling that the movie was better than the book?


    1. The movie made me so emotional… I’ve watched it 3 times since then and it’s one of my faves. The book didn’t move me at all, it was an easy read but I didn’t feel anything!

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