It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last Week…

Not my finest week! Liked these two (The Devil’s Daughter and Born Bad), but didn’t love them as I hoped. And, sadly, I DNFd Pachinko. Wasn’t feeling it and got impatient.

Right Now…


Just started this one. Already hooked and I’ve heard great things about it.



Super excited for this one. Everyone is raving about it and the plot sounds unique!

Have you read any of these?


21 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

    1. Hahaha I already had it, so I had to read it. Let’s see… I hope it doesn’t disappoint. My issue it’s always with the endings, as I think they’re all super addictive.

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  1. Pachinko 😦 sorry to hear that didn’t work out for you. I have been seeing the title around though I haven’t read it yet. Without a Trace seems promising so I hope that it will deliver. Happy reading.


  2. Well it’s Thursday now and I am reading The Girls in the Garden and The Animators lol I’m sure you have already finished Gone Without A Trace and TTLoSH, so I’m sure I’ll come across your reviews here soon 🙂


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