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The lovely Zuky @BookBum tagged me and I loved the idea so much that of course I had to do it. She loves mysteries, thrillers, and horror and what I first liked about her blog was that she’s incredibly honest about she enjoys or not (like trashy erotica novels, haha).


The Zombie Apocalypse: A book you would save when civilization ends?

And Then There Were None

What a classic! I’d save this one because I think it’s perfection. And it’s also about people dying, so… it’s fitting.


The Vampire: A book you would stake through the heart? 

Petals On The Wind

Okay, so Flowers in the Attic is kind of a guilty pleasure, but this book was truly awful. I don’t know how I even finished it…


The Haunted House: A book that still haunts you?


A Head Full Of Ghosts

One of those I still think about and ask myself what really happened. A truly haunting read. And so underrated!


The Psychological Thriller:  A book with a twist you did not see coming?

Between You and Me

Never. In. A. Million. Years. I gasped so loud my boyfriend asked me what was going on. And then I had to go back and read that part again, because wow.

The Creepy Doll: A book that seems innocent but isn’t?

The Lost Girls

I thought it would be similar to Kate Morton’s books, and it kind of was… But it was also so much darker and disturbing than I could ever imagine. Still remember that ending.


The Monster: A book you could barely tackle/defeat?


This was just not for me. I skipped soooooo many parts, I couldn’t deal with all those violent sex scenes and I didn’t find it romantic at all (quite the opposite, to be honest).



The Comedy-Horror: A book with mixed genres that worked (or didn’t)?


This book was so funny and disturbing at the same time I wasn’t sure how I should feel. It’s like a really dark comedy… kind of like American Psycho?


The (Cliched) Teen Horror: A book you found super cliched/stereotypical?

The Red Queen

I think I might’ve enjoyed this years ago, but I read it too late and thought it didn’t include anything remotely unique. I might be the only one, though. I’m just not into this kind of stories anymore.



The Demonic Possession: A book so gripping you needed an exorcist to escape it?

The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair

I was on my vacation and literally couldn’t stop reading.  I always get sick in the car but I still couldn’t let this one go, I needed to know more! And it was a long book, believe me.



The Science Fiction: A precious book you would permanently sacrifice to aliens for the good of mankind?

Valley of the Moon

This was so good that, even though I would miss it, I think it would be a great book to save us all. After all, it’s about learning to let go. A wonderful and unique novel that deserves more attention.


Amazing tag. One of my favorites so far!

I tag: Renee, Diana, Danielle, Donna, Nikola, Jo, Inge… and whoever wants to do it!


26 thoughts on “Horror Movie Book Tag

  1. Wasn’t the Flowers in the Attic series so hard to read? I’ve read multiple Andrews series (well, she’s dead but her ghostwriter keeps me coming), and they all have incest of some kind. Well, most of them. Ugh.


  2. Thank you for the nice things you said, haha, yes I hate trashy erotica lol!
    I haven’t read And Then There Were None or A Head full of Ghosts yest but I reslly really want to, and I was hooked on The Harry Quebert Affair when I read it too 😀


  3. I’ve passed A Head Full of Ghosts by so many times now I need to check it out for sure! We’ve read so many of the same books…not surprising:) I really liked the Truth about the Harry Quebert, You of course was a perfect choice for comedy/horror. I also couldn’t read Outlander, I got about 40 pages in and quit. Thanks for tagging me!


  4. Definitely agree with you about A Head Full of Ghosts being underrated, it seemed like it was huge for a couple of weeks and around everywhere and then just faded away quickly and is never mentioned. It’s a great book to!😀


  5. Even though I am way behind on tags, I was secretly hoping you tagged me for this one haha. I certainly enjoyed it and well I love all things horror. I also admit that I agree about Petals in the Wind. It has been a long time, but I remember walking away disappointed nonetheless 🙂


  6. OMG I am so with you on Red Queen. I remember reading it and marking in the book (not something I typically do) when I came across something I had seen in another YA book. There was just no original content.


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