Little Girl Lost (Carol Wyer)

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A perfect family hiding disturbing secrets. A killer who wants the truth to be told. A teacher goes missing under suspicious circumstances. A millionaire is murdered at a local reservoir. For Detective Robyn Carter, there’s no obvious link between the men. But as she starts to delve into the cases, her investigations lead her to Abigail, perfect wife and mother to beautiful little Izzy. What was Abigail’s connection to the victims? And why is she receiving threatening messages from an anonymous number? But as Robyn starts to inch closer to finding the killer, Izzy is abducted. Unless Robyn gets to the twisted individual in time, a little girl will die …

I’m so happy! It seems that my reading mojo is back! I had seen this around but haven’t requested it because there seemed to be so many similar books out there… However, I read several glowing reviews and I had a feeling Little Girl Lost could be so much more than it seemed. And I was so right!

I was immediately hooked thanks to the very disturbing prologue… and even though it wasn’t a short book, I would’ve finished this sooner if I hadn’t had plans (I was honestly considering staying at home!). Little Girl Lost is the author’s first experience with crime… and I was amazed she had been writing romantic comedies up until now. I want more, please.

While I was reading this book, I was constantly thinking how much I was loving it, as it had everything I like in a mystery. The main character was amazing, the case was full of twists and turns, there were multiple POVs, creepy flashbacks and even some gaslighting! (I already told you how much I love that). Although I was able to guess some of it, it was one of those times where I wanted to be right and I was completely satisfied with the way everything ended.

For those of you who have read countless of police procedurals, I’d say that Little Girl Lost is among the best ones I’ve come across and I think I know why it made a difference. I believe this was an excellent novel because its main focus was on the case and not so much on the investigation. Thanks to the multiple points of view, I was able to immerse myself into Abigail’s life as if I was reading a psychological thriller. Sometimes, police procedurals are more focused on the everyday tasks and you aren’t able to connect that much with the case they’re investigating. This certainly doesn’t happen here and you still get to follow Robyn’s investigation and play detective with her.

At the same time, I feel like I want to know more about DI Carter, as she seemed like a great character (and her backstory was sad and touching), so I hope we can count on many more fantastic books featuring her and Carol Wyer’s ability to craft complex mysteries. Don’t miss it!

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Netgalley, Bookouture, 2017


31 thoughts on “Little Girl Lost (Carol Wyer)

    • Annie says:

      Lately I’ve been giving like four 5 stars on a row (the one after this was excellent too) and I’m so happy! I think you’ll enjoy this a lot!!!


  1. Renee says:

    Annie, your reviews are causing my TBR to explode!! And I’m happy about that😆Ok I was on the fence about this book and you’ve knocked me off,…I’m reading this!! Your review was fantastic…seriously you told enough about the book to make me wish I had it right now but you didn’t give anything away about plot which I appreciate and that’s often so hard to do, love it!


    • Annie says:

      Haha When we were talking before I was about to mention this one but I wasn’t sure because it had a bit of a psychological thriller “feel” and I know you were tired of those, but it’s actually a police procedural and I found the case fascinating. And the creepy flashbacks…think Romain from Distress Signals 😁 It was unputdownable!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Renee says:

        I think I’m most tired of the domestic psychological thrillers really but then I say that but I loved Distress Signals..who knows I guess I just need to take each book for itself!!:) I’m definitely going to read this one.


        • Annie says:

          I’d say Distress Signals was like half mystery half psyc-thriller, yes. This one is half procedural half domestic. Give it a try 😄 I loved that there were various points of view!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Diana says:

    Yay! So glad to see that you enjoyed this one so much. 5 stars? wow!I also like that the book focused on the case more than the investigation and all the little details that go into it. Made it much more enjoyable. Excellent review!


  3. Laila@BigReadingLife says:

    Considering staying home to read it instead of going out is high praise! (I mean, I’m a homebody anyway, but if you have plans and almost scrap them for a book that’s a good sign!) I’ll have to look for this one.


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