Her Husband’s Lover (Julia Crouch)


After the horrors of the past, Louisa Williams is desperate to make a clean start. Her husband Sam is dead. Her children, too, are gone, victims of the car accident in which he died. Sam said that she would never get away from him. That he would hound her to death if she tried to leave. Louisa never thought that he would want to harm their children though. But then she never thought that he would betray her with a woman like Sophie. And now Sophie is determined to take all that Louisa has left. She wants to destroy her reputation and to take what she thinks is owed her – the life she would have had if Sam had lived. Her husband’s lover wants to take her life. The only question is will Louisa let her?

I really do think I’ve read way too many psychological thrillers these past few months. So so so many, that I haven’t been surprised in quite a while, which is a pity given that that’s why I loved them in the first place. I want to fully enjoy them again, so I think I might need a break and focus on other genres for a girl. This time, though, it’s not Her Husband’s Lover fault at all. It was a thrilling and compelling book, no doubt about that. Had I read it a couple of years ago, I might’ve been mesmerized.

The book tells the story of Louisa, whose husband and children died in a mysterious accident. Lou’s husband was abusive and cheating on her with Sophie, who now holds a grudge against her and wants to make her feel guilty and pay. How can Lou prevent Sophie from destroying her life? Is there a chance that she might finally be happy?

Despite being a slightly long novel, Her Husband’s Lover never felt slow and I was always interested in what was going on. There were two main perspectives (plus a third one!) and even some flashbacks, which are always my favorite part. No change here. Reading about the beginning of Lou and Sam’s relationship was fascinating.

However, as much as I enjoyed reading this book, I can’t say I was surprised by the turn of events. In fact, I thought the author didn’t really want that, so she just slowly revealed things that we had already suspected from the beginning. But then I read other reviews… and I’m confused. Was it supposed to shock me?

Her Husband’s Lover was an immersive psychological thriller with a risky ending but, in my opinion, not real surprises along the way.

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Headline, 2017


28 thoughts on “Her Husband’s Lover (Julia Crouch)

  1. Renee says:

    I’ve been greatly disappointed in most of the psychological thrillers I’ve read in the last few months. I loved In Her Wake but nothing else. I’m going to be extremely picky moving forward,I think the genre needs to revamp a little. Hopefully your next read is a 5🌟 One:)


  2. The Book Whisperer says:

    I agree with Renee, I think this genre needs a revamp. None of them are absolutely blowing me away anymore. I have just fished The Breakdown by B A Paris which I enjoyed because I was expecting it to be fairly mediocre and so I was pleasantly surprised (plus it didn’t promised me a twist I wouldn’t see coming! 😉 )


  3. Books, Vertigo and Tea says:

    Sometimes we all need a change of pace. I think especially in thrillers and mystery where twists and turns are key, this can probably happen more often than not. I could be wrong. I do not read enough of the genre 😉

    But you are a pro at solving it and figuring it out now. Maybe time to give the brain a light read or two ❤


  4. FictionFan says:

    I stopped reading psychological thrillers about a year ago – just too many of them and they all began to feel the same. As a result I’ve been reading a lot of the old classic crime and enjoying the change of pace. I guess it’s all a matter of making sure we get enough variety to stop any one genre feeling stale…

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  5. cleopatralovesbooks says:

    Although I did enjoy this one and thought it worked I am with you that the genre has become saturated and I’ve read way too many – I have cut back drastically on the amount of these I read because otherwise as you so rightly say, they do not amaze in the way they used to.


  6. Diana says:

    Perhaps a break will do you good.Thrillers tend to have the same kind of twists lately so perhaps reading many of them makes it easy to predict them.I am not good with predictions but I’ve been spot on more often lately so I totally get you.Anyway,I hope your next book will be better.


  7. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    Sounds like you are burnt out 😦 I find that I have to read a very wide variety of genres or I will slip into a slump. I often wonder if I would have enjoyed a book more had I read it at a different time in my life. Sorry this fell flat.


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