A Murder In Time (Julie McElwain)

25790952Beautiful and brilliant, Kendra Donovan is a rising star at the FBI. Yet her path to professional success hits a speed bump during a disastrous raid where half her team is murdered, a mole in the FBI is uncovered and she herself is severely wounded. As soon as she recovers, she goes rogue and travels to England to assassinate the man responsible for the deaths of her teammates. While fleeing from an unexpected assassin herself, Kendra escapes into a stairwell that promises sanctuary but when she stumbles out again, she is in the same place – Aldrich Castle – but in a different time: 1815, to be exact. Mistaken for a lady’s maid hired to help with weekend guests, Kendra is forced to quickly adapt to the time period until she can figure out how she got there; and, more importantly, how to get back home. However, after the body of a young girl is found on the extensive grounds of the county estate, she starts to feel there’s some purpose to her bizarre circumstances. Stripped of her twenty-first century tools, Kendra must use her wits alone in order to unmask a cunning madman.

I think this is going to be one of my favorite reviews ever. Mainly because I absolutely adored this book, but also because I disagree with lots of the other reviews I read (especially on Goodreads) and I want to declare my  love for this book!

After falling in love with its stunning cover (I could look at it for ages), I read what this was about and knew that I had to read it. I’m loving time-travel books more every day and AMIT had an FBI agent traveling back to 1815. What’s not to like? After deciding that I’d read it, I started checking out other reviews and I felt immediately disappointed. There were tons of people saying that they had DNF’d the book and others who criticized its lack of realism. The main character got a lot of hate, too. I was afraid. Would this story focus only on love/sex like Outlander? (I really don’t like that book). My expectations were low.

As soon as I started reading, I realized I was having a lot of fun. The story was unique. The mystery was compelling. I liked Kendra very much. The supporting characters were great as well. I even laughed out loud several times! It’s true, I thought this book was hilarious at certain parts. Imagine that you’re an FBI agent, a professional profiler, who happens to travel in time to 1815 and ends up working as a maid. Imagine trying to convince the posh ladies and lords that there’s a serial killer out there. Saying things like: “The unsub is a white male, aged 20 to 35, probably has mother issues”. The reactions were priceless. Kendra was smart, fierce and brave and I loved how she kept trying to solve the crime even if she wasn’t always taken seriously.

The more I read, the more I kept thinking: When will it get boring? When will I start hating Kendra? The answer is simple: it never happened. Besides, I found the lack of realism endearing, as it wouldn’t have been so fun if she hadn’t been able to help with the investigation. Suspension of disbelief? Sure, but I didn’t care at all.

In fact, and some might say I’m crazy, but A Murder In Time reminded me a bit of Agatha Christie’s novels. You know, Poirot, with his strong personality, his weird theories and everyone thinking he must be crazy? That’s exactly how this felt. The humourous tone was definitely similar.

In addition, the “love story” was only like 5% of the book, something which definitely surprised me (in a good way). The rest of the book felt like a classic murder mystery, a traditional whodunnit where all the main characters are in the same location and everyone could be guilty. I loved it and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Can’t wait to continue with Kendra’s adventures.

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 Pegasus Books, 2016 – Copy from publishers

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37 thoughts on “A Murder In Time (Julie McElwain)

  1. Diana says:

    Your reviews are always great. I read the blurb and immediately thought that this is just not a book for me. However, your review has me intrigued. I thought the agent will go back and sort be a version of herself set there but I like the fact that she is still the same, only trapped in a different time zone( I hope that makes sense). That line on the unsub is hilarious. Great review.


  2. itsbooktalk says:

    Awesome Review! Love that you have completely different views than others on goodreads because I’m eagerly waiting on this one from my library! I think the storyline sounds unique and I love reading about FBI profilers

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jill's Book Cafe says:

    I think realism went out of the window with the time travel so belief has already been suspended surely, unless there really are parallel universes. Glad you enjoyed it. It’s always great when a book you are dubious about because of other reviews turns out to be a gem.


  4. Donna says:

    That’s what is interesting with writing a review containing a different opinion than the widespread one! It’s so exciting to discuss the point you disagree on or your favorite part to make sure to give other readers the best argument. Haha, it looks like the main character makes a few waves on the early 19th century posh world she ends up, it sounds quite fun! I’m imagining a character just like one of Criminal Minds’ haha so weird! Anyway, go you for standing up for a book you loved so much! I am not sure I’d enjoy it, but I’m glad you did!


    • Annie says:

      Yes, she was like ones from that show. Super determined and brave and in 1815 all the women were treated poorly, so…

      Haha It’s definitely not for everyone but in essence is just a classic whodunnit, so maybe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Anne says:

    Fantastic review!! And time travel without romance actually sounds very refreshing! I’ve noticed with other books that people tended to complain about them on Goodreads, after which I read those books and immensely enjoyed them. Sometimes I think a large % of the Goodreads reviews are given by average readers. Which is fine! But I can’t base my full opinion on it :). Glad to see you didn’t either!


    • Annie says:

      If a book has only 2. something then I usually trust it.But I don’t trust super glowing reviews either. In the end, everyone has different tastes and it depends on the genres you enjoy! I’m saying super obvious stuff, I know 😂😂😂 Anyway, the book is amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anne says:

        Yeah, you’ve got a point there! 2.something is usually bad news. I’ve hardly seen general ratings like that :D. Hahaha, just be your own judge is what we’re both trying to say I think XD. W00t!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Books, Vertigo and Tea says:

    Ok so first of all, I am going to go right ahead and agree with you on that stunning cover. I would probably pick this up as a cover buy without thinking twice. And add time travel.. hello!

    I am loving the fact that you say the “love” portion is so small. I feel like every time travel story anymore is a love story. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing ones. The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my faves. But people can travel through time without all of the mushy business people!Adding to GR right now 🙂

    Isn’t it wonderful when you go into a book with so little in the way of expectations to realize that it is a “diamond in the rough”? I saw the negative reviews. I am so glad this worked out for you. Your review is spectacular and I am sold ❤


    • Annie says:

      Yesssss! Time Travelers Wife is amazing, that one was so well written. And I also loved Valley of the moon and Stephen King’s. But I was looking for somethimg different and that’s exactly what I got 😍😍😍 Thank you lovely

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    So when I opened this review up and saw that cover, I was in love! While reading the synopsis, I was confused at first because the cover screams historical fiction… what’s all this about the FBI?! Time travel! It all makes sense now. Great review! This one sounds very unique.


  8. Grab the Lapels says:

    I’m confused about the other people’s reviews. Did they not like time travel but pick up a time travel book?? Confusing readers! This book sounds fun, and your descriptions made me think Sherlock Holmes.


    • Annie says:

      It was more like they didn’t like the MC and thought it wasn’t realistic because women were treated poorly in that era and she wasn’t. I didn’t care about that, I wouldn’t haved liked reading another Outlander.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Lectito says:

    I’m generally not a fan of time travel stories (not sure why), so this one probably isn’t for me. I do love the cover, though! I’m with you on Outlander. I haven’t read the book, but I started watching the TV series and found it utterly ridiculous. It seemed to take itself way too seriously. This one seems like much more fun by comparison!


    • Annie says:

      I’m not into fantasy that much, except for time traveling haha And I like magic realism. Outlander for me.. it was all sex and I was so bored 😂


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