Tell Me No Lies (Lisa Hall)

29603168.jpgDon’t. Trust. Anyone. It was supposed to be a fresh start. A chance to forget the past and embrace the future. But can you ever really start again? Or does the past follow you wherever you go…

I had been eagerly awaiting this moment. The follow-up to one of my favorite reads this year (Between You And Me). Lisa Hall pulled off one of the best twists ever and that made me completely fall in love with her ability to craft stories. That book was unputdownable and, fortunately, so was this one.

Tell Me No Lies tells the story of a young woman named Steph who’s pregnant with her second child. She and her husband move to a new neighborhood after he has cheated on her, expecting a fresh start. However, once they’re settled in their new home, Steph seems to think that there’s someone out there stalking her, leaving mysterious messages and creepy gifts on their porch…

Another domestic thriller, this time featuring one of my favorite plots: GASLIGHTING! I can’t help but love those stories where someone thinks they’re being manipulated and no one believes them. Does that make me a bad person? Haha. This time, though, I thought Steph was particularly oblivious. She got me on my nerves most of the time and I couldn’t believe how she didn’t fight harder for what she believed to be true.

Even though Between You & Me had a great twist, don’t expect that with this one. I was a bit surprised at first, because you can probably guess the “villain” without much effort and there are no big surprises. Still, I was pretty satisfied with the ending because the author dared to include a different ending from what we usually read. And it was so refreshing!

Anyway, the book was undoubtedly gripping, I couldn’t stop reading! Lisa Hall is an expert at making you devour her books compulsively and I’m already excited for her next one. I loved how she made me doubt all the time and the way she described Steph’s feelings towards the end.

Don’t miss this book if you love domestic thrillers, gaslighting plots and you don’t mind a slightly annoying main character. It’ll be worth it!

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Carina, 2016

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37 thoughts on “Tell Me No Lies (Lisa Hall)

  1. Books, Vertigo and Tea says:

    Dun dun duh… gaslighting! I don’t think it makes you a bad person. I can see how that would definitely up the intensity level. I had never thought about it in a plot until just know. Hmmm… wheels turning. Awesome review ❤


  2. itsbooktalk says:

    Great review! I thought I might take a break from domestic dramas but then you mentioned a great twist in Between you & Me and that has me interested. I also love the similar recs and other reviews you added, great idea!!


  3. Donna says:

    I owe you my new word of the day, haha! I had to search for gaslighting. No main character can be as annoying as Celaena in Throne of Glass, so I’ll probably read this book, haha! I still have to read Between You and Me first! Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Annie says:

      I’ve always been fascinated by that, it all comes from a classic movie, but we’ve seen it in a lot of psych thrillers!

      Haha Haven’t read that one… but the MC in YA books tend to irritate me a lot XD


  4. Anne says:

    I had never heard of a gaslighting plot before 😀 thank you for enlightening (heh) me! So lemme get this straight, that girl is pregnant by a guy who just cheated on her? Was she already pregnant before he cheated or after? Ugh, either way, I’d be out of there pronto! xD Awesome review!


  5. Diana says:

    Gaslighting…mh I had to Google that and now it my new favourite word. I have to find a way to work it into normal conversation today. Thanks for the new vocab:-) This sounds quite intriguing. I will try and get the first book.


  6. Lectito says:

    I’ve seen a few bloggers raving about this one! I’m a fan of the crazy-woman-who-isn’t-really-crazy story. I might have said already, but I watched a great film along those lines a few weeks back. I think it was called The Ones Below. Really creepy.


  7. TeacherofYA says:

    As a Steph myself, I have to say the main character has an awesome name! 👍
    😉 Glad you liked it…I love the cover. Never heard of gas lighting before until you explained it! I feel I learned something today!

    Liked by 1 person

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