Without Trace (Simon Booker)

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Simon Booker
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For four long years, journalist Morgan Vine has campaigned for the release of her childhood sweetheart Danny Kilcannon – convicted, on dubious evidence, of murdering his 14 year-old stepdaughter. When a key witness recants, Danny is released from prison. With nowhere else to go, he relies on single mum Morgan and her teenage daughter, Lissa. But then Lissa goes missing. With her own child now at risk, Morgan must re-think all she knows about her old flame – ‘the one that got away’. As the media storm around the mysterious disappearance intensifies and shocking revelations emerge, she is forced to confront the ultimate question: who can we trust…?

First things first: how awesome is that blurb? From the moment I read it, I knew I had to get my hands on this book as soon as possible. I love these stories, like Daisy in Chains or Robert Dugoni’s My Sister’s Grave. Still, I think this title is too generic and lacking originality. I don’t know if the title alone would’ve caught my attention.

I read this in exactly two sittings. I couldn’t stop: it was so addictive and thrilling! The main character is Morgan Vine, 37, “celeb” journalist and occasional cleaning lady. She has an 18 year old daughter (fierce and wild) and has been campaigning for the release of her childhood friend: Danny Kilcannon from prison. Danny supposedly killed her stepdaughter and wife, but Morgan never doubted his innocence. However, when he finally goes free, she begins to wonder if she could have been wrong all along…

I can’t help it, I enjoy these storylines way too much. Is he innocent? Is he guilty? He can’t have killed them, can he? But what if he did? Surely, he couldn’t have. But he looks so suspicious… Or was he framed? That was me while reading the book, never stopped wondering. And I can assure you you’ll be the same. Don’t trust anyone.

A fast-paced story with plenty of small twists and a satisfying ending. The last thirty pages where unputdownable and Simon Booker clearly knows how to write a gripping thriller that keeps us completely hooked.

My only issue? I believe Morgan seemed too calm and willing to forgive anyone. I don’t know, I guess I didn’t like her that much because I would never behave like she did if I were in her shoes. I won’t say more because of spoilers, but she was too trusting for my taste. By the way, I liked her daughter a lot, her character was so fun to read.

I think this is one of those books that I could recommend to anyone and be sure they’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

18 thoughts on “Without Trace (Simon Booker)

  1. Donna says:

    I definitely would have glossed over the book if only for the title, but the blurb! Woohoo! The reason why I loved most of The Ex by Alafair Burke was because there was that question of did he? didn’t he? all along, I love being suspicious, haha. I’ll add this one to my TBR!


  2. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    Great review, Annie! I haven’t heard of this book before but that blurb is awesome, and I’m glad to hear that it’s addictive and thrilling. I also really enjoy the whole “omg did he? Did he not?” kind of plot and I love being misled by characters. 😛


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