The Defense (Steve Cavanaugh)

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Steve Cavanaugh
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Eddie Flynn used to be a con artist. Then he became a lawyer. Turned out the two weren’t that different. It’s been over a year since Eddie vowed never to set foot in a courtroom again. But now he doesn’t have a choice. Olek Volchek, the infamous head of the Russian mafia in New York, has strapped a bomb to Eddie’s back and kidnapped his ten-year-old daughter Amy. Eddie only has 48 hours to defend Volchek in an impossible murder trial – and win – if wants to save his daughter. Under the scrutiny of the media and the FBI, Eddie must use his razor-sharp wit and every con-artist trick in the book to defend his ‘client’ and ensure Amy’s safety. With the timer on his back ticking away, can Eddie convince the jury of the impossible? Lose this case and he loses everything.

The Defense read like an action movie. You know those thrillers: Jack Reacher, The Equalizer, Law Abiding Citizen? I felt like I was watching one of those films. I could easily picture Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson or Tom Cruise as the main character, Eddie Flynn.

Eddie Flynn is a lawyer. He was a con artist first, so he knows how to steal and hustle his way through life. But now he’s in danger: her daughter has been kidnapped by the head of the Russian mafia and he’s supposed to plant a bomb on the witness’ stand to prevent a man from testifying. If he doesn’t do it, they will kill him and his daughter.

The book is as fun as unrealistic. It has all the elements you could want from an action flick. The main character is like a superhero: he can do no wrong and seems to be invincible. He always has the best answers, he’s an excellent lawyer and has friends in high places. You want him as your friend, not your enemy.

I have to say that after reading the first chapter and acknowledging what this was about, I almost rolled my eyes. Everything was so cliché and far-fetched that I had to tell myself to go with the flow; because otherwise, I wouldn’t get to enjoy the book. But I did, and I quite liked it. The last part of the book, especially, was super addictive: I couldn’t stop reading.

The court tricks didn’t surprise me because I’ve seen The Good Wife and Suit many times before, but I admit it all worked pretty well. If you’re willing to get past the suspension of disbelief, then you might enjoy this a lot. It’s never slow and there’s plenty of dialogue, which makes it a fast and thrilling read for fans of legal action thrillers.

I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

7 thoughts on “The Defense (Steve Cavanaugh)

  1. Diana says:

    I like the sound of this book. The blurb is so interesting. I also enjoy courtroom drama like you and I love The Good Wife and all things Grisham. Glad you were able to overlook the unrealistic bits and enjoy the book. It does sound quite action-packed. Great review as usual!

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