Review: See How They Run by Tom Bale

Tom Bale

This book wasn’t what I expected, at all. I guess that by reading the plot I thought I was going to find a domestic thriller about a family and the repercussions from that first incident, but I was wrong, it wasn’t just like that. And that’s not a negative thing.

 See How They Run is a gripping action thriller, one of those stories we usually see on movies starring Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson (is there an adaptation coming soon?). Because the storyline, which at first seems simple and familiar, soon gets complicated when new characters are added and a new and complex criminal plot starts to develop. I prefer not to reveal anything about this, because I would spoil the fun.
Be aware: don’t expect a mystery or a psychological thriller with multiple twists. This is something completely different, although not less enjoyable. Once we’ve read the first scene in the bedroom, it’s hard not to become interested in what’ll happen next. What would we do if that masked man threatened us? Would we go to the police or would we act on our own? Would we trust those who say they can help us?

I really liked both main characters, Harry and Alice: they behaved bravely and just how you’d expect them to. You don’t question their decisions like in other similar books where you want to shout at the protagonist: What the hell are you doing?!

This is a novel that grabs you from the very first paragraph (and you can’t say that a lot) and doesn’t let go until its satisfactory ending. The storyline might not have been that original or surprising, but if you want an exciting and easy-to-read thriller , this is a very appealing option.

I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

6 thoughts on “Review: See How They Run by Tom Bale

  1. ireadnovels says:

    I have this book on my to read list for quite a while. Loved your information on this, as I would have thought the story was a psychological thriller. Will get round to reading this one one day.

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